Maharashtra Government collaborated with NHPC on June 7th

NHPC’s MOU: Recently, State-owned NHPC Limited had collaborated with Maharasta government under June 7th , under which scheme the aim of the program is to establish Energy Storage Systems, in order to generate energy sources like solar, wind and hybrid etc with a total combined capacity of 7,350 MW.

NHPC’s MOU- Why it is in news

Under the scheme, to fulfill other energy requirements of state government and to ensure a reliable and uninterrupted power supply in the state government , the state government had established an Energy Storage System, with renewable sources. One of the vital roles is to meet the energy requirements of the state and ensure there is no power loss in the future world. Under those schemes, the all pumped storage systems with solar, wind and hybrid power generation will be collaborated.

NHPC’s MOU-In Conclusion

Renewable sources are the future of human society , where present sources of energy are going to surely deplete , so the recent update of developing, operating and maintaining hydroelectric power projects will not only conserve the present energy but also will create a sustainable society of world.

What is the NHPC Limited?

Incorporated in 1975, formerly known as National Hydroelectric Power Corporation is a state-owned company in India.

Explain the recent MOU of Maharashtra?

In recent updates, the NHPC Liminted had collaborated with the Department of Energy, Maharashtra for renewable energy of Maharashtra

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