Salmon 3D Movie Review ( Playback Player Vijay Yesudas is tributing soon with horror on screen)

Salmon 3D Movie– How a small event can change the course of your life and there is no solution to get back to life, even if you try to get that. Starring the playback singer Vijay Yesdas, along with a new-faced actress named Jonita Doda.

Salmon 3D Movie Trailer

Salmon 3D Movie cast

Starring Vijay Yesudas, Jonita Doda, Rajeev Pillai, Neha Saxena, Dhruvanth, Shiyas Kareem, Minakshi Jaiswal, Tanvi Kishore, Basheer Bashi, Shalil Kallur, Anju Nair, Jabir  Muhammed, under the direction of Sahil Kilur produced by MHS Media, Shaju Thomas, Jose D. Pekkatti, Joyson D. Pekkattil under the production house of MJS Media.

Salmon 3D Movie plot

The family consist of  Sarfarosh, his wife Sameera and their daughter Shazaan who had taken the flight from India through Dubai, where someday they become witness of live murder, which started affecting their family life. So, what is the mystery of this murder and are they connected with this murder or they are getting only getting targeted?

Salmon 3D Movie Review

Horror crime series including debut actor-singer Vijay Yesudas with new faces like Jonita Doda, explore do we are in control of life as much as we think we have. Throughout the movie, u start questioning your thought process, doing what is real and what is just put for jumpscares.

When do the movie Salmon 3D going to release?

Salmon 3D is a Malayalam movie released on 10 Feb 2023

What was the budget of Salmon 3?

The budget for the movie Salmon 3d is 150 million

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