NHAI One- Knowledge Sharing Platform is in the pipeline by the National Highway Authority Of India


NHAI launches Knowledge-Sharing Platform– The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways in a recent press release launched a knowledge-sharing platform named NHAI One for the development of road networking in India, where they had initiated a single window platform for road design, safety, construction, environmental sustainability, and related areas. NHAI One in details NHAI One … Read more

Google Get Sued: Google is facing charges for EU engaging in anti-competitive adtech practices

Google Get Sued

Google Get Sued: Google , world largest search engine is facing charges of engaging in anti-competitive practices by the EU, where later they had accused of favoring Google advertising services, leading to fine of 10% of the company’s annual global turnover. Google Get Sued: So what is the concern? Google is the world’s biggest search engine capturing world … Read more

Semiconductor Incentive Scheme: Boasting Semiconductor Manufacturing

Semiconductor Incentive Scheme

Semiconductor Incentive Scheme: On May 31st, the Delhi government announced an application for June 1st for semiconductor and display fabrication units in India as part of the ‘Modified Semicon India Programme’. This program will be open for applicants until December 2024. Semiconductor Incentive Scheme: About it Under the scheme, GOI have provided financial incentives (providing fiscal support equivalent to 50% … Read more

Ban 150 ‘anti-India’ sites- Centre to bans over 150 ‘anti-India’ sites, YouTube news channels in 2 years

Ban 150 ‘anti-India’ sites

Ban 150 ‘anti-India’ sites- In the recent crackdown, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (I&B) in India has recently banned over 150 websites and YouTube-based news channels since May 2021 which get revised if found guilty again. Ban 150 ‘anti-India’ sites- What are legal terms of it? Under the law defined in Section 69A of … Read more

Sanshodhak- 4th warship of Indian Navy got introduced in Indian navy

Sanshodhak- 4th warship of Indian Navy

Sanshodhak: In the recent upgradation in the Indian navy, the fourth ship of the Survey Vessels (Large) (SVL) Project, named ‘Sanshodhak’ were launched at Kattupalli, Chennai. by L and T/ GRSE Sanshodhak- Vessel in details In the recent update, a contact was signed between MoD and Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers (GRSE), Kolkata on 30 … Read more

Expanding Internet Connectivity: Microsoft and AirJaldi connect together for connected Rural India

Expanding Internet Connectivity

Expanding Internet Connectivity: Under Project ‘Cotentful Connectivity‘, Microsoft and AirJaldi collaborated to improve the infrastructure of internet access and meaningful connectivity in rural regions of India, where they will work with stakeholders or stockholders to engage in private, public and non-profit Expanding Internet Connectivity:Contentful Connectivity Explained As a significant step, 2 significant companies like Microsoft … Read more


Leadership Programme in Science & Technology (LEADS)

LEADERSHIP PROGRAMME IN SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY (LEADS): The National Centre for Good Governance (NCGG) and the Indian National Science Academy (INSA) have joined hands to introduce the ‘NCGG – INSA Leadership Programme in Science & Technology (LEADS)’. This program is aimed at supporting and enhancing the ability of scientific leaders to lead and adapt to … Read more

Meri LiFE Mobile Application:Combating climate change and promoting sustainable living

Meri LiFE Mobile Application:Combating climate change and promoting sustainable living

Meri LiFE Mobile Application:Inspired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Mission LiFE, the government had launched a app to inspire youth to engage in meaningful consumption and avoid mindful use of earth’s limited resources, while addressing issues related to climate change, global warming etc in a general setting. WHY IT IS RELEVANT FOR A YOUTH OF … Read more

NASA’s Skylab 50th anniversary: NASA stormed the Twitter to mark it

NASA's Skylab 50th anniversary: NASA stormed the Twitter to mark it

NASA’s Skylab 50th anniversary: Marking the 50th anniversary of the launch of the US’s 1st space station ‘Skylab’ in the space on May 14th 1973. During its launch, the space station hosted 3 crews of NASA in space, proving the hypothesis that human lives are possible in the space and we as humans can also … Read more