Thandatti Movie Teaser ( Prince Pictures brings the action thriller back to the screen )

Thandatti Movie Teaser When an honest officer comes out of his retirement years to solve a case, just due to his sympathy he started entangling in a web of trouble and conspiracy of murder.

Thandatti Movie trailer

Thandatti Movie cast

Thandatti’s Movie cast includes Pasupathy, Rohini, Vivek Prasanna, Ammu Abhirami, Poovitha, Deepa Shankar, Janaki, Semmalar Annam under the direction of the Ram Sagaiah

Thandatti Movie plot

Suramani played by Pasupathy, an honest but temperamental constable, try to solve a crime of a lady, just out of compassion and love, in the troubled village of Kidaripatti. He started feeling that he is in deep trouble for his personal safety.

Thandatti Movie review

Thandatti Movie is a simple action thriller with a simple plotline of a crime investigation. All actor had done their role with justice and compassion and everyone had done their role with justice.

Who is the director of the movie Thandatti?

The director of the movie Thandatti is Ram Sangai

Under which production does the movie Thandatti is made?

Under Prince Pictures’ production the movie Thandatti is made

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