The Chosen One Web Series teaser ( Is Jesus Christ coming back)

The Chosen One Web Series Teaser Is the time Christ is coming back or it is an illusion of a boy? To find out do see The Chosen One on 16th August 2023

The Chosen One teaser

The Chosen One cast

Including the cast of Bobby Luhnow, Dianna Agron, Lilith Amelie Siordia Mejia, Juan Fernando González Anguamea, Jorge Javier Arballo Osornio, Alberto Pérez-Jácome Kenna, Patricio Serna Meza, Carlos Bardem, Alfonso Dosal, Sofía Sisniega, Eileen Yáñez and Tenoch Huerta,, under the direction of Everardo Gout

The Chosen One premise

After a short mishap Joddie played by Boby Luhnow 12-year-old boy find out he got the power of Jesus Christ, where he converts water into wine, makes the crippled walk, and, perhaps even raises the dead. Now he needs to make his own destiny and lead the world

The Chosen One where I can see it

The Chosen One can be seen on 16th August 2023 on Netflix.

What religion is The Chosen about?

The Chosen One is about the Christianity

How many seasons of The Chosen One are out?

With 1st season come in 2019 where it new season will come on 16th August 2023

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