The Playing Card Killer Review, plot, cast and full information

The Playing Card Killer Who is a killer who terrorises Spain in 2003, and the law enforcement is able to nab the killer or get interwoven in his play? Find out in the documentary The Playing Card Killer which is streaming in Spanish language on Amazon Prime

The Playing Card Killer plot

The documentary series of notorious serial killer Alfredo Galan Sotilla, an ex-military person of Bosnia, marked his victim with the card. Now, the whole administration is behind him to nab him before he does another murder creating havoc in the city.

The Playing Card Killer cast

Under the production house of Cuarzo Produccinoes under the director of Amanda Sans Panting, where is set in 2003 Spain, where there is someone who is rapidly killing the inhabitant of Spain and leaving a playing card at the end of his murder.

The Playing Card Killer trailer

The Playing Card Killer review

A crime procedural drama where we follow a police on screen, who is trying to nab a trained killer from the military who is gunning down the people in Spain. A suspenseful drama, which is trying to nab you through its successful screenplay as the police are trying to nab the killer in Spain.

Is The Playing Card Killer based on a real-life serial killer?

Yes, it is based on a real-life killer named Alfredo Galan Sotilla

Is the playing card killer a documentary?

It is 3 part  docuseries  which entails one of the most t notorious serial killers in the history of Spain.

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